Countdown to Augusoft’s Twentieth Anniversary

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On Friday, October 3rd, Augusoft will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. We’ll use this week’s blog posts to count down the days to that milestone and celebrate Augusoft’s contributions to continuing education. Each post will include a list of industry “firsts” introduced by Augusoft. Let’s start with:

20. First web-hosted software solution (SaaS) for the continuing education market

19. First continuing education software to offer “Amazon-like” shopping cart features and interface

18. First to provide 24/7 online student registration using credit cards

17. First (and only) company to exclusively integrate LERN best practices and expertise into its solution set

16. First to offer multiple online catalogs, allowing programs to segment classes by location, market, and demographic information

Read tomorrow’s post for the next five Augusoft “firsts”…