Continuing Education Survey Results Summary

Minneapolis, Minn. – March 13, 2017 – Augusoft conducted its second Continuing Education Survey (non-credit) in early 2017. It was sent to 5,200 organizations; both Augusoft customers and non-customers, in order to reach the largest pool of programs possible. The purpose was to study trends in program revenues, how these revenues equate to contract/customized/corporate training, and what technology programs are using to support their success. 

The survey found that estimated revenues fell slightly from the fall of 2016 and on average, and the largest percentage of those that responded garner 20% or more of their revenues from courses or activities other than open enrollment. We will continue to monitor this trend as we see this portion of market revenues growing and are finding it to be, along with online courses, one of the core revenue growth areas for CE programming. 

We also surveyed what technology non-credit programs use to support their registration and business management, how well the software fit their program needs and satisfaction levels. In summary, programs using software specifically designed for non-credit programs were measurably more satisfied with the functionality and service then those sharing the same technology leveraged by the for-credit side of the institution. 

Lastly, when asked to list challenges many relayed responses reporting fewer resources, more demand for their time, competition, etc. Interestingly, those using the same software that is used by the for-credit side of the institution noted several challenges attempting to accommodate its processes and procedures to the non-credit’s differing needs. To obtain a full copy of future survey results, ensure your contact information is in our database by filling out this form

Augusoft plans to continue the survey annually, at minimum, to establish industry benchmarks and share the results with participants to help them continually compare their program to others around the nation.

**You can view our detailed survey results here.**

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