Congratulations to Kathy Brady on Thirty Years in Continuing Education

Kathy Brady Headshot

Help Augusoft celebrate Kathy Brady for thirty years of leadership, innovation, and tenacity. The company wouldn’t be what it is today – a leader across the world of continuing education – without Kathy’s innumerable contributions.

With Greg Marsello (of LERN) and Cem Erdem (founder and CEO of Augusoft), Kathy contributed to the company’s original development team, putting in place a vision for the future of continuing education and the role technology would play. Today, Kathy serves as a product advisor, helping organizations determine how to leverage Augusoft technologies, especially Lumens. Over the years, Kathy has consulted with a range of continuing education organizations – from large providers like the Los Angeles Community College system to smaller learning centers in rural communities. Kathy’s professional philosophy focuses less on the size of the organization and more on the institution’s ability to offer top-flight programming for an engaged set of learners. Lumens, she says, is the tool that can help make that happen.