Community College Presidents Discuss Economic Recovery

The Power of Community Colleges

On President’s Day, Augusoft Executives sat down with Dr. Lori Sundberg of Kirkwood Community College and Dr. John Rainone of Dabney S. Lancaster Community College. The topic of discussion was top of mind in Higher Education: 

How will Workforce Development and Community Colleges aid in the Economic Recovery post-Pandemic?

The discussion began with each of the Community College Presidents sharing how their organization fared during the Pandemic – one school even saw enrollments go up in the last year! The support of Workforce Development and the use of Lumens® in their programs were vital components.

Both Presidents expressed that Community Colleges have dealt with image issues and discussed how that has turned around in recent years. They shared how we as a community can change the narrative.

Finally, the Presidents shared their messages of hope in an era of economic recovery. View the full recording to hear the value of Community Colleges in this time and the positive changes the industry can expect to see.