College of the Desert Leslie Larrabee Awarded Augusoft Lumens VIP Award

Minneapolis, Minn. – November 18, 2008 – Augusoft is pleased to announce that Leslie Larrabee, Interim Director of the Center for Training and Development with College of the Desert of Palm Springs, California, was this years recipient of the 2008 Lumens VIP Award. Augusoft’s President and CEO Cem Erdem awards this award each year at the 2008 Annual Augusoft Lumens User Summit which was held in conjunction with the LERN 2008 Conference.

“I was pleased to receive this award from Augusoft,” said Larrabee. “Working with Augusoft and their team has been rewarding not only to me personally, but also to my college. I have enjoyed providing colleagues with further Lumens product information, participating on Product Advisory Boards and presenting webinars to share personally developed models, techniques and new management approaches I have used at College of the Desert.” Larrabee noted, “The next version of Lumens Contract Training is just another great innovation we can use to better run and manage our CE and Workforce Development programs. Community College leaders should seriously consider these innovative techniques and tools being produced by Augusoft when expanding or enhancing their own programs.”

Larrabee’s achievements at College of the Desert have been not only visible to Augusoft, but also to fellow industry colleagues. She continues to motivate her colleagues in the industry to find new ways of building successfully community college profit centers, while showcasing College of the Desert’s ability to generate revenue and streamline operations such as:

  • increase student registrations and client contracts to make up for budget shortfalls
  • collect critical data needed to prove ROI outcomes
  • improve service and delivery of training services to the community and corporations
  • satisfy her college’s mission while providing lifelong learning opportunities to the community

“Leslie has been instrumental in helping Augusoft shape new technology enhancements to its flagship product Lumens by participating in one of Augusoft’s Product Advisory Boards. This board – by invite only – is comprised of ten to twelve Deans and Executive Directors from various Workforce Development programs across the United States,” stated Erdem, President and CEO of Augusoft. “Leslie not only is an advocate for her institution’s needs, but also understands the importance of providing “best practice” techniques and technology needed to service America’s increasingly complex student body and the employees of American enterprises.”