Certificate Management

Product Description

The Lumens® Certificate Management* module is designed to give programs sophisticated tools to develop, implement, and manage a wide variety of more robust certificate programs.

Based on industry research and best practices, this feature provides programs with the flexibility to group and assign multiple courses to a certificate program, set minimum grades and attendance levels for completion, and report on student progress, outcomes and completion status. Customers may upgrade from Essentials to Premium at any time.

*Requires Lumens PRO or iPRO

Features Include:

  • Customized Course Functionality
    Creating options for any type of certificate path is easy in Lumens. Staff can customize passing grade and attendance levels, set what classes are mandatory/elective and if classes are to be taken in an order.
  • Flexible Pricing
    Staff can use existing open enrollment classes as part of a certificate. The price for a class as part of a certificate can be different than if the same class is offered in open enrollment.
  • Track and Upsell Students
    Stay ahead of students’ needs and alert them by email campaign when the advanced level of a certificate they are pursuing becomes available. This helps you make sure your students come back for the next stage of their education.


The ability to offer certificate programs to train knowledge workers will be essential for continuing education programs to grow revenue and thrive. Lumens is the only software we have seen at LERN that includes a feature to manage certificate programs.

Greg Marsello