Augusoft releases Lumens version 3.5

Minneapolis, Minn. – January 5, 2003 – The newest release of Lumens, version 3.5, builds on the advanced feature set of version 3 that was released in May 2002. Development on version 3.5 of Augusoft’s flagship software began in October 2002 and was finished shortly after. Several key features were developed for version 3.5, including the […]

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Lumens Standard premiered at LERN annual conference

Minneapolis, Minn. – December 5, 2002  – In an effort to make lifelong learning management software more accessible to the continuing education market, Augusoft has released Lumens Standard. Cem Erdem, President and CEO of Augusoft, introduced his company’s new product at the LERN (Learning Resource Network) annual conference on December 6, 2002. Lumens Standard was created […]

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