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Getting Started with WIOA Grants

Tuesday, August 7, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Central)

  • Mitch Zaralegui, Channel Developer, Voc Rehab Specialist, World Education
  • Ashley Barnhart, Marketing Manager, World Education

Open up your course catalog to a whole new community of students! World Education is here to help you align their large catalog of high demand programs with WIOA-funded grants such as workforce and vocational rehabilitation.

With World Education’s all-inclusive programs, students enter an educational experience that will provide them with the training and preparation needed to successfully acquire their industry certification and focus on job placement.

Join us next week for a webinar where our guest presenters teach you how to maximize your workforce funding opportunities, including:

  • Customized targeted marketing that brings students directly to you
  • A curated catalog of the largest number of Career Training Programs that track national certifications, including signature content that is exclusive to World Educationin Healthcare, Manufacturing, Business & more
  • Strategic mapping of in-demand content to your regional workforce development needs
  • Spanish language offerings and Spanish speaking support staff

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