Augusoft Webinar Registration: WebAdvisor is going away – now what?

Tuesday, August 21, 12 PM – 1 PM CT


  • Cem Erdem, President & CEO, Augusoft
  • Kathy Brady, Product Advisor, Augusoft
  • Deseret Scharett, Director of Business Services, Trident Technical College

Are you using Instant Enrollment with WebAdvisor as your online registration system for non-credit programs? Are your students frustrated that they must wade through multiple screens to register for one class—never mind if they are registering their children for camp? Also, what is the plan for when WebAdvisor is no longer supported?

You have an option for a fully integrated solution which follows e-commerce best practices with an like shopping cart. Lumens is designed to make enrollment easy for open enrollment and contract training classes. Companies can also enroll their employees for sponsorship programs—all without the assistance of the Continuing Education staff.

Join us in our upcoming webinar and hear how these streamline processes have changed the enrollment landscape at Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC. Find out how Lumens can be used as a stand-alone system (CE ERP system) or as an integrated solution which passes critical data into your Colleague instance. Lumens is flexible, scalable and designed specifically for the non-credit programs of your college. Say goodbye to frustrating processes—stop taking complaining customer service phone calls and start seeing the transactions processed online from happy customers.

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