Augusoft releases Lumens Version 4.0, begins work on version 4.5

Minneapolis, Minn. – June 10, 2003 – After an intensive four month period of development and testing, Version 4.0 of Augusoft Lumens software was released in beta to a small group of customers and will be released to the public on June 15. This new version of the Lifelong Learning Management System combines recently developed enhancements with the first general public release of the Room Management module. The release of version 4.0 also marks a change in the development cycle of Lumens – as the programming and testing of Version 4.0 winds down, planning starts up in full swing for Version 4.5.

The new features developed and tested especially for version 4.0 bring a more complete set of financial and operational tools to the Lumens user community. The most notable advancements included in the release of version 4.0 are accounts receivable enhancements, grades and attendance tracking and student profile tailoring. Advanced student profile features allow staff to gain greater control over the student profile for use in reports and promotions. The greatly expanded accounts receivable functions allow staff members to process anything from simple payment input and tracking of student accounts to processing third party payments and payment reconciliation. Grades, attendance and contact hours functions have been added to allow administrators to record grades and attendance at the class level. Several smaller changes have also been added to version 4.0 geared towards improving the usability of Lumens.

On June 15, Augusoft winds down the development phase of one version of Lumens and gears up the planning phase for a new release tentatively scheduled for September 15, 2003. Augusoft developers, management and Lumens user community are now fast at work finalizing the feature set for Version 4.5.

The enhancements scheduled for release in version 4.5 include:

Household accounts
Household accounts give Lumens users the flexibility to create a specific profile type for households, which should be of great use to organizations that have children’s programs. Household accounts allow for a single account to manage all household members at a single address by giving an adult ownership of the account and letting a parent sign up their children and other members of the household for classes.

Class Expense reporting
Version 4.5 will provide Lumens users with the ability to record class expenses and view reports detailing expenses and profitability of classes.

Lumens will offer support for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Version 4.5 will allow administrative users to define CEUs at the class level and display a customizable extract of CEUs where required.

Contract Training
The upcoming version will offer a set of enhancements to support contract training programs and give administrative users the ability to manage a category of classes that the public cannot view.

New reports
Lumens Version 4.5 will feature an updated set of critical financial and operational reports and data extracts.

Lumens Performance upgrades
Augusoft developers are evaluating a new version of web programming software that will deliver even faster performance and greater stability than the current version of Lumens.