Augusoft releases Lumens version 3.5

Minneapolis, Minn. – January 5, 2003 – The newest release of Lumens, version 3.5, builds on the advanced feature set of version 3 that was released in May 2002. Development on version 3.5 of Augusoft’s flagship software began in October 2002 and was finished shortly after.

Several key features were developed for version 3.5, including the introduction of accounting codes for use in advanced financial reports. Lumens users can now create custom accounting codes to track several separate transaction types in their system. A unique accounting code can be created to track payments, refunds and membership and registration fees. Lumens has always offered its users the flexibility of self-customization and the new financial policies menu gives users this control over how they apply the accounting codes.

Accounting codes led to the creation of two new financial reports: the receipt report and revenue report. Each report offers detailed breakdowns of receipts and transactions, organized by category for hands-on analysis.

With the new release comes an upgrade to one of the core functionalities of Lumens: catalog creation. New fields have been added to both the online and print catalog display. These freeform text fields allow program staff to communicate important information to students in both online and print versions of the catalog.

Lumens version 3.5 also offers students new payment options for staff-processed registrations. Staff can now process overpayments and underpayments, create refunds or waive payments accordingly. Over and underpayment were added to the Lumens shopping cart menu, which offers a complete roster of payment options, including split payment, accounts receivable and both offline and online credit card payment.

Augusoft’s development team is busy improving Lumens with upcoming releases of a Room Management module and increased accounts receivable functionality to be included in version 4.