Augusoft launches new branding campaign – LLMS is now Lumens

Minneapolis, Minn. – October 27, 2004 – Augusoft is pleased to announce the launch of its new branding campaign to promote the Lifelong Learning Management System (LLMS) as Lumens. Defined as degrees of brightness, Lumens captures the continuous improvements and ongoing support Augusoft provides to lifelong learning.

“We will still use Lifelong Learning Management System to define Lumens, but we needed a brand that was unique, memorable, and protectable as we grow our presence in the education market,” said Cem Erdem, President and CEO of Augusoft.

The branding process included customer and employee feedback. There were six potential candidates for the product name and four in the second round. Lumens was suggested by a customer and collected the most interest among the choices. The branding campaign will reflect a consistent, dynamic image of Lumens and Augusoft for its online presence, marketing and communications materials.

“We are ready to bring our expertise to the attention of every lifelong learning program, and a fresh, reflective brand will help us do that more effectively,” said Beth Moorhead, Director of Marketing.