Augusoft is 25 Years Old

Minneapolis, Minn. – September 16, 2019 – Augusoft, Inc. is celebrating 25 years of business. Founded in 1994 by Cem Erdem, Augusoft has been helping non-credit programs develop and grow with their flagship product, Lumens. Lumens was the first web-based student enrollment management platform to be introduced to the market in 2000.

Augusoft collaborated with the Learning Resources Network (LERN) to develop and launch a web-based student registration system with click and pay capabilities; inspired by the simplicity of Amazon’s first entry in the marketplace with their book offerings. LERN’s Sr. Vice President of Organizational Development, Greg Marsello said, “I called Cem up and said I just bought a book on this site called Amazon. Do you think you could develop a site that would allow students to register for a class as easily as I bought my book?” And that was the impetus for Lumens.

Augusoft Lumens began as a cloud-based student registration system and has since evolved into the most comprehensive management system for Continuing Education and Workforce Development Programs. In 2007, the Contract Management solution was introduced as the first of its kind to help corporate training programs manage the entire lifecycle of a contract. Augusoft opened their Canadian data center in 2008, strictly for Canadian programs. Lumens iPro was launched in 2007, with ERP integration to become the first solution to include real-time synchronization with Banner, Colleague and Peoplesoft. In 2017 the Merchandise Module was released as the first platform that allows programs to sell anything on their websites. In 2019, Augusoft released Cryptocurrency capability that enables programs to accept digital coins as a payment method.

Augusoft is highly regarded for its unlimited, no-cost customer support. “We are successful only if our customers are successful. Since the beginning, we chose to support our customers throughout their entire program, from set-up to going-live to on-going training, while providing them innovation along the way.” said Erdem. “Customer service is very responsive. Developers are extremely accessible and helpful. Follow up and delivery on commitments are outstanding. I can’t say enough good things about Augusoft.” said Kristi Flack, Director of Operations, Northeast Iowa Community College.

This coming November, Augusoft will hold its 16th Annual Lumens User Summit at Paradise Point in San Diego filled with in-depth sessions and networking among the Lumens users. The theme for this year’s User Summit is Connect.

Augusoft Lumens is the most comprehensive management system for Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs that is designed to provide the best front end for student experience and the best back end for operational management and administrative staff.

Today, Augusoft serves more than 7 million students in hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. Complementing traditional academic systems, Augusoft Lumens is the most configurable solution which increases online self-registrations up to 95%, reduces cancellation rates, and provides the best data collection and reporting tools. Augusoft is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. All product development and customer support teams operate within corporate headquarters. Augusoft sales offices are located throughout the U.S.

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