Augusoft Incorporates the Latest in E-Business Gateway Integration Security into Lumens

Minneapolis, Minn. – December 1, 2007 – Augusoft announced the integration of a new credit card gateway process that is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Scheduled for release in December 2007, this new PCI DSS credit card authorization process incorporates the latest in e-business gateway integration security into Lumens.

“The payment card industry has been slowly pushing banks and other vendors to adapt to PCI DSS, which will become a mandatory merchant obligation by the end of 2007. High penalties will result for merchants who do not comply with these standards,” stated Augusoft’s IT Manager, Okan Guney.

To integrate online credit card transactions securely into the Lumens platform without compromising PCI DSS, a new credit card authorization process was created within Lumens to ensure credit card submissions are passed directly to the credit card gateway provider. This new process ensures student credit card transactions have additional security against fraud, theft and meet the strict PCI DDS guidelines the Payment Card Industry is demanding.

“Augusoft Lumens allows non-credit education programs the ability to outsource the liability, security, hosting and compliance issues that are analogous with online commerce. We wanted to ensure our client’s online storefronts met these new security and compliance standards, because they process hundreds of online payments daily,” stated Tim Scott, Augusoft Lumens Product Manager.

As Internet and online shopping become more common, credit card companies and banks are enforcing stricter security policies. For consumer and business protection, PCI Data Security Standards were established as a protocol for all online merchants. A recent article featured in Educase September/ October 2007 issue summarizes how evolving security standards for credit card information will now affect colleges and universities across America. To learn more about PCI compliance visit