Augusoft develops contract training and CEU modules for Lumens

Minneapolis, Minn. – October 28, 2003 – The Augusoft development and operations teams started development on two new advanced features for inclusion in the next release of Lumens Pro. The Contract Training and CEU modules will be included in Lumens Pro version 5.0 to be released in summer 2004, but the features will be used individually by customers starting early next year. The planning phases of the contract training module began over the summer and each feature was created in response to customer requests.

The development of contract training and CEU modules illustrates a development model that distinguishes Augusoft. The contract training module will be created mostly from suggestions from customers. Customers will have a hand in defining how it operates and will contribute to all stages of development from start to finish.

The contract training module will contain functionality separate from normal class functions. The module will be exclusively dedicated to run classes on contract with outside organizations, while still being integrated into the Lumens report system as a whole. Included in the contract training functionality are separate class creation, registration, split billing and accounts receivable functions.

The CEU module will be incorporated in the normal Lumens class management site so that students can be assigned CEUs for classes they have attended and the module also contains CEU tracking features, improved student transcripts and standard and customizable formulas for computing CEUs.