Are Students Prepared for the 21st Century Workplace?

Education puzzleBy Wendy Flint, PhD, MBA, Augusoft

One of the highlights of my first week at Augusoft was discovering Pearson products integrated on the Lumens® platform. Using an online Pearson product to teach an online English Composition class for a college, I was drawn to a Pearson booth at a higher education conference. Instead of textbooks on display, there were excellently written workforce readiness workbooks. I was pleased to discover that these workbooks were being converted into much needed E-learning courses. Many of today’s students in my classes – both career technical education and for-credit – are unprepared for the 21st century workplace. I had the privilege of learning these skills in training programs and on the job at Hewlett-Packard and have integrated the concepts in my classes ever since. An HR manager shared with me, “I don’t care about 4.0 GPAs. I need people who can work in teams, be flexible and creative, solve problems and think!” This is a product, integrated on the Lumens platform, that our 200+ and growing customers should be thrilled to offer to their enrollees.

Wendy is an Account Manager at Augusoft and former Director of Continuing Education and Workplace Training – College of the Desert, CA