April is Community College Month

Minneapolis, Minn. – April 26, 2019 – Throughout the month of April Community Colleges have been celebrating Community College Month and raising awareness about the importance of the educational benefits community colleges have to offer students of all ages.  Many students begin their education, continue their education, and enhance their lives at community colleges.

Community colleges were designed to level the field for higher education and provide access for increased earnings for all people – not just those who attended top schools or families with means to support students.  Community colleges are at the core of lifelong learning.

According to the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), approximately 13 million students attend just over 1100 community colleges in North America. This number is growing as the need to enhance skills to advance in today’s competitive market increases.

As stated by the Community College Review, here are the top trends for Community Colleges:

1. Increased Distance Learning

Due to the increased demand for more distance education, more community colleges are offering online courses.

2. Greater Number of Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded

Today more community colleges offer baccalaureate degrees than in the past. 

3. Increased Partnerships between Community Colleges and Four-Year Institutions

California originated community colleges and four-year colleges partnering together. This practice has spread throughout the country wherein community colleges work with students to make their transition to a four-year institution as seamless as possible.

4. Greater Recruiting of Baby Boomers

The Plus 50 Initiative will pilot 15 community colleges to develop programing that targets the 50+ age range to expand their skills to pivot in new career direction.  If The Plus 50 Initiative is well received, there will be more to come across the country.

5. Increased Enrollment Across Different Student Groups

Students that make up the community college population is shifting from those direct from high school to a more diverse, non-traditional student, which include concurrently enrolled high school students, reverse transfer students, and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

6. Increased Partnership with Business

The business world is becoming more aligned with community colleges.  More companies are interested in hiring employees that have excelled at the skills for particular jobs with certifications versus degrees.

7. Increased Response to Globalization

Community colleges are increasing their globalization programs to ensure students are global-ready as our economy continues to expand. 

You can read Community College Review’s full report on trends in community colleges here.

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