We collaborate and align our company with complementary organizations and industry experts to refer new clients, endorse products and/or services and to mutually grow business. Through an referral and/or exclusive endorsement type partnership, these entities have a shared commitment to servicing the lifelong learning community and support Augusoft’s vision of bringing lifelong learning to everyone. Augusoft recognizes our Alliance partners below and is proud of their investment in tomorrow’s lifelong learner:

Learning Resources Network (LERN) is an international association offering information and consulting to providers of lifelong learning programs. With 4,000+ members in over 1,000 organizations in 16 countries around the world, nearly 100 LERN members serve in the volunteer LERN leadership. Read more about this unique partnership.
Genoo is an affordable yet full featured cloud-based marketing tool that enables organizations to automate their marketing efforts and better target communications with customers and prospects. Genoo was created specifically for small to midsize businesses and non-profit organizations. Read more about the Genoo and Lumens partnership.