Standard Terms and Conditions


Augusoft has developed Standard Terms and Conditions governing users of its intellectual property. We recommend that users view and download the entire Terms and Conditions, as all users of Augusoft software and related materials are bound by this document.

Questions regarding the Terms and Conditions should be directed to Augusoft via email sales@augusoft.net or by regular mail addressed to Augusoft, Inc., 8441 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55426-1360.

Many Augusoft customers will request access to third party software in conjunction with their use of an Augusoft product. In most cases, that access will be made possible through a link to the third party’s website, where terms and conditions for use of the third party software will be found. We recommend that users familiarize themselves with the terms of use of third party software. As a convenience to our customers, some of those terms and conditions can be accessed through website links below, or by clicking on the relevant documents.

View the entire Terms and Conditions.

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View the entire Terms and Conditions.

View the entire Terms and Conditions.

View the entire Terms and Conditions.