3 Ways to Automate Before You Take Flight

Take a break, relax. You deserve it! 

Spring break vacations can provide a healthy sense of relief from the day in and day out. Before you take a break, have you scheduled everything you can through Lumens?  

There are many ways to automate your activities to increase staff efficiency and minimize manual tasks, but here are three to get you started. 

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Setting the Class Schedule & Featured Classes 

When creating a classnot only can you set the schedule for the class itself, but you can also set the dates for display on the site and dates for registration. You may also choose to feature the class for display on your site while you’re out of the office. 

To set or update the dates, edit the class and make the updates in the Class Registration Information section. 

Updating the Confirmation Notifications

Registrations and transactions send automated confirmation emails and receipts. Classes have automated reminders taking it out of staff hands to do. Before you leave for your break, take a moment to update your confirmation emails to include the institution’s closure for Spring Break. To do so as a Power User, edit your learner confirmation email and update with your preferred language within Template Management.   

Scheduled Reporting 

Standard or custom reports can be scheduled to run automatically. Delivery for a scheduled report can be sent via email to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. To schedule your report, click Run/Schedule for the report and complete, choose your filter criteria and output type, and click Schedule to indicate the schedule and recipients.  

Rest assured
it is a breeze to automate in Lumens, and we’re here to help you do so.
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