The Gratitude Project

Gratitude Project

I am grateful for my family, neighbors, and also for my colleagues that were so kind when we were sick. I am grateful that my husband and I recovered from Covid. Also, my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter recovered from Covid. My son-in-law is still recovering, as he had a heart attack because of Covid, but he is slowly recovering from surgeries, and has 2 more to go. I am grateful to have a job that affords me to work remotely.

My 2 poochies that have stuck by my side through all of the year 2020.

I am grateful to be able to be optimistic about the year 2021, and that the vaccine for Covid will do great things to get our country back on its feet.

Gail Jones

Danville Community College

I am grateful for my goofy, exuberant canine companion who regularly reminds me to enjoy the simple things in life.

Kristine Mathiasen

Coquitlam Continuing Education

I am grateful for the continued good health of my family, fiends and co workers!!

Sheila Gaudreau

Metro | Continuing Education

There are many things to be grateful for in 2020, family and health are 2 of these. I am most grateful for someone I barely knew in 2010, but has become a big part of my life, and my families lives as well. This person directly impacts my life everyday. 10 years ago he gave me the greatest gift I have ever received. I am referring to my kidney donor, Darren Casteel. Words can not express the gratitude I have for this gentleman. Thank you Darren!

Mike Erickson

Augusoft, Inc.

This has been a crazy year for all of us. But looking back, there are many things that I am thankful for.

First of all, I am thankful for my family for finally understanding how hard it is to work from home, and manage 100 different things at the same time. Thanks to COVID, my daughter, who never liked to sit and talk in the past, loves to talk about her classes and friends and things in her life (which is surprising as she is turning 13 in a month).

I am grateful for the amazing team at Augusoft, specifically for the IT and CS teams for always working together to help our customers. I have to call out Sarah’s name for always having my back, and Paul for listening to my ideas, the honest feedback and never losing his calm even when I am being difficult.
I am also thankful for all our customers, for their willingness to work with us and make Lumens better for everyone. Thank you for making me feel that I am doing something that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Poornima Gopi

Augusoft, Inc.

I am grateful to have my health and be able to see my family. I am also grateful to have gotten married to my best friend in a wild year of planning!

Lindsey Schneider

Augusoft, Inc.

Kevin Gish

Augusoft, Inc.

I am grateful that my family has been healthy during this pandemic and hope to continue this way. I am also grateful that Augusoft offered me an opportunity to come join an amazing team and to Support Lumens.

Chenou Moua

Augusoft, Inc.

I am grateful for a multitude of things… one that immediately comes to mind is the PATIENCE and GRACE from colleagues–internal and external to Augusoft alike–who are understanding of my kids (7 and 4.5) being home and in the background of my work life! I am including those moments where folks have ignored or laughed with the Sesame Street, Super Why, My Little Pony, and Pokemon! As well as hearing my son’s amazing first grade teacher as she virtually teaches and manages 28 kids! Finding moments like these for gratitude has helped through this difficult year.

Sarah Hoemberg

Augusoft, Inc.

This was the silver lining of 2020 for me: more time with my son, who will be opening his wings and fly out of the nest next year. I think when I look back in 2020 some time from now, I’ll remember and cherish the extensive one on one time I was able to spend with my son. I proudly observed him grow into a beautiful young man with strong values, empathy for others, and courage to face his own demons. 2020 gave me the gift of getting to know him at a deeper level that I’m not sure if it would be possible if we had our busy “normal” lives this past year.

Cem Erdem

Augusoft, Inc.

Ashley Chambliss

Augusoft, Inc.

2020 has been a crazy year. I am grateful that my staff have been able to adapt to remote work and embrace it. Issues we had dealt with for years that seem impossible suddenly became items that we need to address overnight to be able to work in the ever changing world of Covid-19. It forced creative solutions and now we have adapted many of these as new solutions because they are more efficient and just make sense. What seemed to be forced changed has benefitted oour business long term. Without Covid-19, I am not sure we would have changed our processes for years because the task was exhausting. Then we switched gears literally overnight!

Kristi Flack

Northeast Iowa Community College

I am grateful to have a good job where I get to work with so many wonderful people everyday, and to have been safe and healthy throughout the year!

Lisa Salonek

Augusoft, Inc.

Obviously family, friends, health, yada, yada. But I’d also like to express gratitude to the overwhelming majority of people that have used their voice in a positive, calm, and constructive manner to help make this year as best it can be when faced with so many challenges. We will continue to face challenges through the new year, but I know that those that can express their opinions in a reasonable and constructive manner will help us meet those challenges with positive solutions. For that, I am thankful.

Matt Schwalbach

Augusoft, Inc.

Julie Straight

Augusoft, Inc.

I am grateful for all the scientists working so hard to develop a safe, effective vaccine.

Tanya Muller

Augusoft, Inc.

I am grateful for Lamar, Meng, Poornima and their team for working so hard to help us refresh our Lumens Augusoft system to provide our leaders and employees with enhanced features for a greater professional development learning experience!!

Kelsie Kittle

West Virginia University

I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work here. I am also grateful that I am able to spend thanksgiving with my cat and my girlfriend. I am grateful to have such a wonderful team here at Augusoft who have made the transition to working here very easy!

Christian Bykowski

Augusoft, Inc.

As the memorable year of 2020 nears the end, it’s a perfect time to take a moment and think about the many many blessings in my life for which I’m truly grateful. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit how grateful I am for good health and safety during such turbulent times. But it’s the people in my life who I am most grateful for – family, friends, co-workers, customers and even mere acquaintances. They brighten my life, have helped shape who I am, put a smile on my face and give me reason to hope.

Judi Bryl

Augusoft, Inc.

Meng Yang

Augusoft, Inc.

I’m grateful for the love and support from my friends and family that helped me get through this year. I’m also for grateful for working with some incredible people that support each other and make work feel like a second family.

Ola Taiwo

Augusoft, Inc.

I am grateful for so many things, but especially my sweet dog, Maggie! She has been by my side through thick and thin the last three years. Who knew when I got her as a puppy that my husband would pass away a few weeks later unexpectedly? She is not only part of our family, but has become my therapy dog, my kids’ therapy dog, my walking partner, and snuggle buddy. Dogs are angels on earth!

Cammy Skalla

Augusoft, Inc.

Thankful for many things during these times.. But truly thankful for the people that I work with, without you guys this progress would be none. Thank you!! <3

Phuoc Pham

Augusoft, Inc.

Faith, Family, Friends – The pandemic in 2020 has given me a chance to reflect on how pertinent it is to stay connected to people.

Sandra Magsamen

Northeast Iowa Community College

As I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer in June of 2017 and a quick bout with Melanoma in 2020. I am grateful for the compassion, support, and understanding that my co-workers, leadership team, and Cem Erdem have offered during the course of weekly then monthly treatments and time-off due to side effects. With their support and encouragement it makes dealing with a chronic illness seem like a bump in the road. On a daily basis I am grateful to everyone at Augusoft.

Lamar Noriega

Augusoft, Inc.

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