2012 Contract Training Trends (Part 2)

Following are some additional highlights from the recent webinar Julia King Tamang of LERN presented on “2012 Contract Training Trends” as part of Augusoft’s Best Practice webinar series.

5 important small business trends

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Social Media
  3. Mobile Computing
  4. Rise of the Phone App
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Training & development trends that will make you money

  • Strengthen overall leadership skills
  • Adapt to virtual leadership and team roles
  • Faster on-boarding and ramp up
  • Develop and retain high potential employees
  • Build teams
  • Effective use of social learning, informal learning and e-learning
  • Better measurement and connection to the bottom line

New workplace directions

  • Office without walls; with flex hours, many options designed to keep the best
  • Employees brand themselves
  • Increase in emphasis on ethics, social responsibility and governance
  • Green becomes an imperative, not an option
  • Business “eco-systems” where companies come together to provide complex services

Success metrics are changing

  • In traditional training organizations, success metrics have always been based on how much training was done and how effective the programs were.
  • As learners become more in control of their learning experience, we now have to measure the individual’s activity associated with access to knowledge-based information – content access, vies and downloads.

Learning leaders are becoming much more focused on relevancy of information

  • Relevancy may be the hottest buzzword in the industry today. How do we make our content more relevant?
  • Are we delivering the right programs? Is our content relevant to the business’ needs?
  • There’s no question that today, more than ever, the focus of the learning leader is to make sure that everything they are doing is driven by the economics of learning.
  • We are past the days of spending on training programs because they are popular topics. If the training is not relevant to a specific business need, in an economic climate like we are in today, it is a target for elimination. And this is good news. This is right for our profession.

Trends LERN predicted that are still impacting earning

  • Outsourcing at all levels
  • Small business is big business
  • Soft skills are a viable product
  • Learning and work will be collaborative
  • The internet is your biggest competition
  • You must add consulting capacity to your CT units earning