2012 Contract Training Trends (Part 1)

Following are some of the highlights from the recent webinar Julia King Tamang of LERN presented on “2012 Contract Training Trends” as part of Augusoft’s Best Practice webinar series.

According the LERN, the most popular and profitable areas of Contract Training being offered now include:

  • IT/Computer Related
  • Soft Skills (leadership, communication training, etc.)
  • Business Skills (not computer related)
  • Manufacturing

The most popular ways that clients are paying for Contract Training include:

  • Contracted Work
  • Buying individual seats in classes
  • Grants
Here are some of the Contract Training trends over the past year:
  • Technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors had a four percent increase in contract training spending
  • Banking/financial services and government spending was down four-to-seven percent.
  • Staffing within training groups for small and mid-sized organizations started to go up last year, while staffing at larger organizations continued to decline.
  • Many in-house training departments are still taxed due to budget cuts and lay-offs, and are outsourcing the delivery of their training, which provides an opportunity for many continuing education programs to service these organizations.

Additional Contract Training trends and growth strategies to look for in 2012 include:

  • Think outcomes for your clients.
  • Become a “solutions architect” and lay out a training plan, don’t just be a delivery of services.
  • Companies are providing in-depth training over a longer period of time to build deep levels of expertise.
  • Companies are focusing on training that yields business results, not general development.
  • Companies are going deep into specific content, as opposed to going shallow into a wide spectrum of content.
  • More companies venturing into virtual learning.
  • Training will be more global, virtual, mobile and collaborative.
  • Companies want more customized training, and continuing education programs should move towards ONLY doing customized training.
  • Companies are starting to recognize that most learning is informal, and are investing in the tools to support learning outside the classroom.

Hot selling training in 2012 will include:

  • Leadership training
  • Customer service training
  • Upgrades to current job skills (e.g. bankers need new IT skills)
  • Better hiring
  • Healthcare
  • Transition and career management