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Say “NO!” to Boring Online Training: Easy Gamification Techniques for Continuing Education

Wednesday, October 18, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Central)

Presenter: Victoria Steeger, Vice President of Partner Development and Communications, ProTrain

Gamification is transforming training models by creating new ways to enhance engagement between the educators and the learners.

Gamification is the concept of using game design elements in non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. And it’s not just for children and teens. In fact, reports that 77 percent of US households own video games with the age of the average age of gamers at 37.

That means incorporating gamification will make your training more desirable – and more effective – to the adult student.

In this webinar you will find out easy ways you can incorporate mechanics that motivate and engage participants. You’ll also learn about the psychology of gamification and its impact on student success.


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